Catalan Parliament Declares Independence From Spain

Spain Independence Rally

Catalan parliament on Friday passed a flow declaring independence from Spain, even as opposition lawmakers left the chamber in objection before the voting rights. Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy appealed for an armistice in a tweet posted instants after the Catalan regional parliament proclaimed independence from the Spanish government, which is likely be affirmed illegal.” I ask for calm from all Spaniards. The rule of the constitution will reinstate legality in Catalonia,” Rajoy tweeted.

” Spain is a serious country, a great commonwealth, and we are not going to watch while a few individuals try to liquidate our constitution,” he said.

Spain has resisted their independence entreat and the national government in Madrid is preparing to take control of the northeastern region.

The motion passed by the regional parliament basically calls for starting a freedom process that includes drafting Catalonia’s new top laws and opening negotiations” on equal footing” with Spanish authorities to establish cooperation.

Watching proceedings in parliament on two large screens, they clapped and wailed “independence” in Catalan before singing the different regions chant, many growing their fists.

Earlier on Friday, Rajoy had appeared before the upper house of the Spanish parliament to request authorization for the government’s use of section 155.

He told senators that Puigdemont’s decision to flout the Spanish constitution by staging the freedom referendum had forced the central government to take the unprecedented step of imposing direct rule.



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