Gold demand in India seen falling to lowest in 8 years in 2017

MUMBAI: India’s gold consumption is likely to droop to its lower in eight years in 2017, been struck by government was taking steps to realise bullion trading most transparent and by hesitating require from some rural areas, the World Gold Council( WGC) said on Thursday.

Evidence of weaker lust in countries around the world where golden is used in everything from speculation to wedding endowments could drag on world-wide costs that have been poising near their highest in three weeks.

India is the word’s No. 2 consumer of amber behind China.
Indian demand is likely to be around 650 tonnes in 2017, compared to a 10 -year median of 845 tonnes, Somasundaram PR, Managing Director of WGC’s India operations, told Reuters. Demand was 666.1 tonnes in 2016.

” In the September quarter, the recently introduced Goods and Work Tax( GST) and anti-money laundering legislation around jewellery retail transactions deterred gold customers ,” he said.

As part of a new nationwide nuisance tax regiman introduction by July, the GST on golden climbed to 3 per cent from 1.2 per cent of the members previously.

Indian authorities in September stiffened anti-money laundering rules for jewellers, although the new regulations have since been temporarily shelved.
The nation’s gold ask in the July-September quarter declined 24 per cent of the members from a year ago to 145.9 tonnes, the WGC said in a report published on Thursday.

In the October-December quarter, ask will be more” robust than the September quarter” as Indian fortify for the bridal season and carnivals such as Diwali, when buying bullion is considered auspicious, Somasundaram said.

Two-thirds of India’s gold demand comes from rural areas, where jewellery is a conventional accumulation of opulence.

But monsoon torrents did not descend evenly all over the country this year, hitting incomes in some farming areas, said here WGC, adding that” this could have a knock-on effect on jewellery demand in these areas over coming one-quarters “.

Industry agents previously said India’s gold importations in the last one-quarter of 2017 could drop by a fourth from a year ago as investors try better reverts from riskier assets like equities.