Interesting News About Dr Rajasekhar’s Garuda Vega

Even as Jyo Star Enterprises and Dr. Rajasekhar prepare for the release of their recent provide “PSV Garuda Vega” the sell has expressed doubts about the film’s success at the box office owing to the high cost of production and low-pitched receipt potential.


The trade pundits point out to the fact that Dr Rajasekhar is making an look after a long time and that the revenue potential for a film starring him at this juncture could only be around Rs. 5 to 6 Crores whereas the makers of the film have invested Rs. 25 crores in becoming the movie. Even the rest of the virtuoso threw does not include anybody who can draw crowd to the cinemas.

The film was directed against Praveen Sattaru and has Pooja Kumar, Shradha Das playing important roles. Besides, they point out that there is no strong distributor backing the movie. The only plus points it has is that the trailer had impressed the audiences very much and the facts of the case that Sunny Leone has done an piece sung in it. We merely have to wait and see how the cinema fares.



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