Jaipur-Delhi Air India flight pilot refuses to fly beyond duty hours,Passengers Travel by Road to Reach Delhi

A pilot of an Alliance Air flight refused to fly, saying his duty hours were over and forced 40 passengers to take other means of travel to reach Delhi from Jaipur on Thursday.

While some fares were taken to Delhi by in a bus, others were provided hotel accommodation and the others were sent on another flight today. The Alliance Air is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India.

The pilot and gang were scheduled to take Alliance Air’s flight 9I-644 from Jaipur to Delhi last-place nighttime. While they were coming from Delhi, their flight delayed and landed at Jaipur at 1.30 am.

The role hours of the aviator got over by that time and he, hence, refused to pilot the flight from Jaipur to Delhi back.

” The pilot’s duty-time got over and therefore, he could not take the flight ,” JS Balhara, director, Sanganer airport in Jaipur, told a report channel.

As per norms of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation( DGCA ), a pilot cannot transcend role hours for safety reasons. The captain refused to move due to obligation disadvantages prescribed by the DGCA, Balhara said. Some of

the passengers were be placed in hotels, some were taken to Delhi by road and others were transmitted in another flight this morning, he added.