This Mic Recording Against New Zealand Match Proves That Captain Cool Is Still Leading Team India

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is regarded as one of India’s most successful cricket officers ever. And the behaviour he repudiated the captaincy when he was in his heydey but still continues to play under his juniors simply manufactures him an epitome of a perfect sportsman. Nonetheless, do you think Dhoni has given up on ” captaincy” wholly? Of course, no! The officer in him still wakes up now and then, especially so when Team India is in dire need of his vast experience.

A glimpse of this was considered to be in yesterday’s equal against the Kiwis. New Zealand, currently touring India, flog India in the first match of the three-match ODI series being played. Needless to say, the Indian unit was under pressure for the second largest pair, which was a do-or-die situation for them. So, when New Zealand won the toss and are determined to bat first, many Indian backers lost their hearts as the dirt has batsmen pitching, which the Kiwis were expected to exploit.

But Dhoni isn’t one to lose his spirits so easily. Instead, he preserved on admonishing the bowlers, fielders and even captain Virat Kohli from behind the stumps. After all, virtually every player had played under Dhoni’s captaincy and has good suffer from working with him. What came as an astonishing was that he did not use the cricketers’ proper name, instead he use their nicknames to advise and teach them. For example, Dhoni impeded calling Kohli by his nickname “Cheeku”. Perhaps, it was just a tactic to amaze the batsmen.

And Dhoni’s strategy ran. The Indian bowlers performed exceedingly well and were able to restrict the batting team within 230 leads. Chasing the modest target, India’s first wicket fell rather early with only 22 drains on the members of the commission. Then Shikhar Dhawan( 68) and Dinesh Karthik( 64) showcased their aptitudes at the right time which helped India tallied 231 drains in 46 overs.

The last and final match of the serial is scheduled to be played on October 29.