Gujarat polls: Muslims queue up for BJP tickets

Muslims had turned up in large numbers in 2011 when then chief minister Narendra Modi tried an portrait makeover and propelled Sadbhavna Mission to attract the minorities.
A year later, however, the “sadbhavna” failed to translate into reality with the saffron defendant not fielding any Muslim candidate in the 2012 Gujarat assembly referendums+. This, even after the BJP+ offered tickets to Muslims in the neighbourhood mas canvas in 2010 and many of them emerging winners.

One such aspirant for Jamalpur-Khadia constituency, where Muslims constitute 61% of total voters, is Usman Ghanchi, a make from Shah-e-Alam. Associated with BJP for past decade, Ganchi has sought aticket. His seek was undersigned by five maulvis( pastors) who have recommended his candidature. He feels his chances are bright.” I have been treated with great respect by BJP, and if had the chance I will win the seat for the party. BJP is a strong cadre-based party with evenly strong leadership, and I have got public support to prove my worth ,” he told TOI.

Five years down the line, Muslims rulers are attempting some” real sadbhavna” and said he hopes that BJP — that has since 1980 fielded only one candidate in assembly elections in year 1998 — to become a new bud politically and field minority campaigners for establishing greater inroads into the community.


BJP Minority Morcha has necessitated various tushes in the upcoming elections. Mehboob Ali Chisti, BJP Minority Morcha in-charge believes that since there are around 350 Muslims who procured posteriors for BJP in neighbourhood body canvas in urban areas in 2015, Muslims could prevail assembly canvas for BJP in certain constituencies.” During the most recent Parliamentary Board meeting, numerous Muslim community leaders have requested for defendant ticket. Images have been made for Jamalpur-Khadia, Vejalpur, Vagra, Wankaner, Bhuj and Abdasa sits ,” Chishti said.

Former IPS officer A I Saiyed more is about to game assemble polls.” I am with BJP for nine years. If BJP offers me a ticket, I will contest canvas ,” he said. Saiyed raced local figure elections in 2010, but was demolished from Sarkhej. Later, he was seen Gujarat Wakf Board chairman.



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