ROGUE review and rating

Review: Rogue – Puri mark ROD
Director :Puri Jagannadh
Producer : C.R.Manohar
Music Director : Sunil Kashyap
Starring : Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki

Chanti (Ishan) is a good for nothing youngster deeply in love with Anjali (Angela), sister of city commissioner. After an incident when Anjali marries Encounter Specialist (Subbaraju), Chanti develops hatred against women. When one of the police (Sathya Dev) loses his two legs during a brawl with Chanti, it makes Chanti feel guilt and decides to support the cop’s family financially and morally. Here comes this cop’s sister and one more Anjali (Mannara) into Chanti’s life. In parallel, a psycho (Anup Singh Thakoor) is in love with Anjali and harasses her. What happened later? How Chanti succeeds to win his second love by wiping off psycho is rest.

Hero Ishan looks quite dashing and he never appeared like a debutant. Right from his looks to his performance, Puri has worked hard on Ishaan and presents him in a very stylish yet massy way.  Thakur Anoop does his best in his negative role. Mannara Chopra is very hot with a stout physique. Manara does well in whatever scope she had. Mukesh’s camera work is the top most asset capturing Bengal locations and those waterfalls beautifully. Junaid’s editing is full of disorders. Sunil Kashyap scored loud music and none of the songs are worth a pat including average BGM. Production standards from Dr CR Manohar are top class. Story is very routine in Puri Jagannath style and offers nothing new. Screenplay is very bad and fails to engage audience. Some dialogues are good.

Plus points :
Hero ishan
Mannara chopra glamour
Production values

Minus points:
Puri jaganadh
Ali comedy
2nd half

Final analysis :
Rogue is yet again an unimaginable movie from Puri. The lack-lusture story, tedious narration and over the top scenes make this film go downhill. As the film has been made to launch Ishaan as a movie star, Puri succeeds in doing it decently. But in this process, he ignores the rest of the proceedings and makes Rogue a routine and outdated film for the audience.
Rating: 2.5



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