Upbeat on India, Apple’s Tim Cook plans rapid expansion; Chinese recipe to be followed

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company has aggressive expansion a blueprint for India, focussing on build stores. Commerce canals and developer ecosystem to back up a robust product line-up to replicate the success it has had in China in the world’s second-largest marketplace as well. 

He added that the steps Apple planned to take in India are similar to what the company did in China — one of its most important sells where revenue was up after several one-quarters of drop-off. 

He highlighted the’ sea-change’ in bandwidth hastens among positive developments in India.” The bandwidth issue has been an issue, but it is being addressed and between the large carriers therewith Bharti and now Jio endowing the way they are, the service in India is materially better than it was just 12 few months ago. So, there’s been a sea-change there in a short time ,” he said.

” It’s building stores. And building channels.For building sells. It’s building the developer ecosystem. It’s having the right product lineup for the market ,” Cook told analysts in a conference call Friday, while talking about components required to grow the business in India. 


The Cupertino-based firm on Friday said its India revenue had doubled. Year-on-year for the one-quarter objective September. backed by sales of iPhone. iPad and Mac which grew by doubled digits.” I do feel great about the( India) growth rate ,” Cook said.
The iPhone maker currently has only a 2.2% of the India market by volumes. Is in accordance with Counterpoint Research — though by value it’s among the top five, together with Samsung. As its machines continue to be highly priced.  New iphones are priced over Rs 60,000, a segment which takes into consideration a minuscule portion of the overall marketplace by volumes.

” So I feel good about all that, but we have a long way to see ,” he contributed. Apple in fact has tied up with both telcos — newcomer Reliance Jio and sell president Bharti Airtel — to sell the company’s super payment smartphone iPhone X which went on sale from Nov. 3. 

But Cook has been making efforts to increase the company’s distribution spouses and retailer reach in the Indian market in order to get thedevice to more both consumers and increase its market share.

The company recently lent HCL Infosystems to its list of partners in India, which now includes Ingram Micro, Redington, Rashi Peripherals and Beetel Teletech.